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Welcome to the Stuttgart Observatory

The Stuttgart Observatory on top of the Uhlandshöhe is one of the oldest observatories in Germany. Throughout the year visitors can have a look through the telescopes into the wonderful world of space.

Opening hours: daily except Tuesday and Sunday
January to March : 8 pm
April : 9 pm
May to August : 10 pm
September : 9 pm
October to December : 8 pm

In the case of overcast skies and on public holidays the observatory is closed.

Entrance fee: 4 Euro, reduced: 3 Euro

Single visitors do not need a reservation. Special presentations for groups can be arranged as well as extra presentations outside the normal opening hours on request.

For further questions or to order a special tour please send e-mail  or write to the office: 
Schwäbische Sternwarte e.V., Zur Uhlandshöhe 41, D-70188 Stuttgart,

How to get there: map
Public transport: tram 15, stop "Heidehofstraße" or bus 42, stop "Urachstraße"


Stuttgart observatory, front view


7 " Zeiss refractor telescope in the big dome


During the public showings at the 7 " Zeiss refractor telescope several objects are shown (depending on their actual visability): Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, the moon, open star clusters, globular star clusters, interstellar nebulae, planetary nebulae, double stars and galaxies. In special showings it is possible to observe the sun.

Two further instruments (7 " Starfire refractor and 16 " Newton reflector) can be used for the public presentation on the observation terrace. Furthermore the star constellations will be explained there. If possible, the International Space Station ISS and Iridium flares are shown.

The Stuttgart Observatory is operated by the registered association "Schwäbische Sternwarte e.V.". The association was founded in 1919, public tours at the observatory's telescopes have been made continuously since 1920. The observatory's staff are members of the association and do their work voluntarily.

7 " Starfire refractor telescope on the terrace 16 " Newton reflector telescope on the terrace

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